What To Know About Persian Cats Eye Care


Keeping a cat is not really a foreign hobby for most of people nowadays. These creatures had been a favorite animal for people to keep them as pets. Persian, the most popular cats in United States is the cats that were described as loving, obedient and simply beautiful. However, few of us may not aware that they might end up getting eye diseases if we hadn’t care for them well enough. Eye disease such as conjunctivitis might be harmful for these cats for a long span of time, if not for their entire life. This disease happen because of their face structure itself – flat face, short nose and big round eyes.

There are some important facts that you need to know about your Persian Cats. This article might help you know about the diseases and how to prevent them. Here is what you need to know about these Persian cats eye care.

Eye disease



· Conjunctivitis happened when the pink membrane part of the eye was inflamed which cause their eye to become watery, mucoid and squinting.

· Their eyes might discharges yellow, green or red color of water and become rusty at the outer part of the eye.

· The other sign of conjunctivitis is sneezing

Persian Cats Eye Care

Besides their hair, eyes are also important that need to give an extra attention. Because of their short nose, they often have eye crusties’ because their shortened nose cannot drain all the tear ducts that were produced by their eyes. To make it short, their noses are the cause of this eye problem. Different Persian needs different eye care. Some might need daily clean, some might need weekly clean but some might not at all. Depending on how their face structure varies, there are also various frequency to clean their eyes.

For cats which have flat face with long nose, they eyes might not water. If this occurs, you just have to clean their eyes when they got eyes crusties’ whenever they just woke up from sleep. If you have Persian with short nose, their eyes will water, but not so often. You just have to clean up their eyes once a day, more frequently is good. If your cat’s eyes often water, then you should clean them whenever possible. Make sure the eye crusties’ are not too apparent or else that your cat might get infection from it.

How to clean?

You just have to clean the eyes using cloth or paper towel. If you see there are excessive tears under their eyes, quickly wipe it away before it become crusty. It is easier because you don’t have to clean it with wet towel. But if it does get dry and crisp, then you should wipe it with wet paper towel or anything soft to get rid of it. However, you shouldn’t clean it with cotton towel or tissue or anything that is too fluffy, as it can get stuck in the eye. If you want to use a specific solution to wipe the crisp off, make sure you wouldn’t put the solution directly to the eye. This might get them annoyed and irritated. Just dampen the towel with water or any solution and slowly wipe it off.

Apart from that, use eye-comb to comb the hair around their eyes. This might help them become less annoyed if the crisp won’t be accumulated together with the hair.

These are some things that you need to put your attention on if you want to take care of Persians. Eye care are really important as well as their hair and healthcare.