All About Dog Eye Care


Dogs are believed to be among the most intelligent animals. These animals that quickly adapt to training would seem to know what must be done in emergency situations. These smart pets have helped many peoples’ lives. The existence and well-being of these intelligent animals would still be dependent on their owners. Dogs have existed in the wild without a man for thousands of years. Modern day dogs’ well-being largely depend on the care provided by the proprietor including the critical dog eye care.

Owning dogs is an acceptance of taking care of it in all possible ways. A proper attention will only ensure good health to dogs. How well the dog looks and feels would depend on the care provided by the owner. Dog ownership means more that providing the regular pet meals as dogs would need grooming and companionship as well.


The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of a dog. It is, in fact, the pet’s “window to the world.” Apparently, these brilliant animals do not know how to care good care of these delicate organs. Dogs after a prey would go scampering in bushes unmindful of the thorns and branches that can poke the eyes. A dog frantically digging a bone will be unmindful that the eyes can be hit by flying soil and dirt. This is why dog eye care should be part and parcel of the general dog care.

The task of cleaning the pet’s eyes and preventing the development of eye health concerns will be the responsibility of the dog owner. Grooming the eyes is not done only to remove the gunk and the tear stains on the fur but most importantly to ensure that eye concerns will be prevented from occurring. Cleaning of eyes is a crucial task that should be practiced on a daily basis. The first aid kit for dogs must have eye care supplies so that immediate relief can be given to the dog if the eyes are injured. A sterile dog eye care solution and an antibacterial ointment are essential to eye care supplies.

Removal of the gunk found in the dog’s eyes with a moist towel or a baby wipe each morning would not take too much time. Some eye irritations are brought by the dog’s hair that gets into the eyes. Dogs with long hair should be trimmed so that their eyes are not troubled. A simple treatment is one teaspoon of salt with a little water that is filtered should be mixed. A cotton wad should be soaked, and this solution should be put into the eye without touching the eye for comprehensive dog eye care. This type of treatment is a quick treatment. But, the directions should be followed with utmost care.

Inspect the pet’s eyes for swelling redness and excessive tearing. For proper dog eye care, a few drops of the sterile eye wash would flush dirt and foreign objects from the pet’s eyes. An eye irritation will make a dog always paw the reddened and swollen eyes. The swelling, redness and tearing should be gone after a day, but if these symptoms continue, vet consulting would be the best option to arrest the possible development of a severe eye problem.

What To Know About Persian Cats Eye Care


Keeping a cat is not really a foreign hobby for most of people nowadays. These creatures had been a favorite animal for people to keep them as pets. Persian, the most popular cats in United States is the cats that were described as loving, obedient and simply beautiful. However, few of us may not aware that they might end up getting eye diseases if we hadn’t care for them well enough. Eye disease such as conjunctivitis might be harmful for these cats for a long span of time, if not for their entire life. This disease happen because of their face structure itself – flat face, short nose and big round eyes.

There are some important facts that you need to know about your Persian Cats. This article might help you know about the diseases and how to prevent them. Here is what you need to know about these Persian cats eye care.

Eye disease



· Conjunctivitis happened when the pink membrane part of the eye was inflamed which cause their eye to become watery, mucoid and squinting.

· Their eyes might discharges yellow, green or red color of water and become rusty at the outer part of the eye.

· The other sign of conjunctivitis is sneezing

Persian Cats Eye Care

Besides their hair, eyes are also important that need to give an extra attention. Because of their short nose, they often have eye crusties’ because their shortened nose cannot drain all the tear ducts that were produced by their eyes. To make it short, their noses are the cause of this eye problem. Different Persian needs different eye care. Some might need daily clean, some might need weekly clean but some might not at all. Depending on how their face structure varies, there are also various frequency to clean their eyes.

For cats which have flat face with long nose, they eyes might not water. If this occurs, you just have to clean their eyes when they got eyes crusties’ whenever they just woke up from sleep. If you have Persian with short nose, their eyes will water, but not so often. You just have to clean up their eyes once a day, more frequently is good. If your cat’s eyes often water, then you should clean them whenever possible. Make sure the eye crusties’ are not too apparent or else that your cat might get infection from it.

How to clean?

You just have to clean the eyes using cloth or paper towel. If you see there are excessive tears under their eyes, quickly wipe it away before it become crusty. It is easier because you don’t have to clean it with wet towel. But if it does get dry and crisp, then you should wipe it with wet paper towel or anything soft to get rid of it. However, you shouldn’t clean it with cotton towel or tissue or anything that is too fluffy, as it can get stuck in the eye. If you want to use a specific solution to wipe the crisp off, make sure you wouldn’t put the solution directly to the eye. This might get them annoyed and irritated. Just dampen the towel with water or any solution and slowly wipe it off.

Apart from that, use eye-comb to comb the hair around their eyes. This might help them become less annoyed if the crisp won’t be accumulated together with the hair.

These are some things that you need to put your attention on if you want to take care of Persians. Eye care are really important as well as their hair and healthcare.

What Can Veterinarians Do For My Pet


There are many different reasons why you obviously want to see a veterinarian for your pets. Maybe you do not know all of the different reasons yourself off the top your head, but that’s okay because I can provide you with some of the reasons right now so that you get a good idea of everything that could potentially happen. So let’s take a closer look right now at this topic so that you can fully understand it.

Are There Any Things out of the Ordinary That a Veterinarian Might Be Able to Do for My Pet?

One of the things you might not even realize that a veterinarian could do for your pet is they can help you put your animal on the proper diet in case he or she happens to be struggling in that area. Maybe you have a dog that seems to get sick a lot. But for some reason you can’t quite figure out what the problem is all on your own. Did you ever think that bringing your dog to a veterinarian would be a good idea to help you solve this problem?

If not, then you really need to start thinking this way because it’s one of the major reasons why veterinarians are in business. They are there to help take care of the health of your dog in any way, shape or form that they possibly can. So utilize the veterinarian in every single way possible so that you can basically ensure that your pet stays healthy and strong.

Another area where your veterinarian could very well help you is if your pet happens to get fleas or ticks and you’re having a tough time getting rid of them. Maybe you’ve tried a lot of the over-the-counter remedies that you would normally find in a pet store, and none of those remedies seem to be working for you at all. So you might need to step up your game a bit by getting an extra strength type of prescription medication that only a veterinarian will be able to prescribe to you.

Your dog or cat will probably be suffering a great deal if they have a flea problem that is infesting there fur. Those fleas literally bite up their skin and make them feel really itchy all at the same time. It is a very nasty feeling for your pet to have to live with on a regular basis, so you really need to help it get over this issue so that the fleas aren’t able to harm them any longer. So check with your vet for some form of an extra strength medication if the over-the-counter products just don’t seem to be working for you.

Are There Any Other Reasons That You Can Think of Where a Veterinarian Might Be Able to Help My Pet?

Vet examining kitten with stethoscope

Obviously there are a whole lot more reasons that I can provide you which will really show you just how versatile a veterinarian can be. One of the major ways that a veterinarian is going to be able to help you is by dealing with any difficult physical illness that your pet might develop. Maybe you have a cat with a large tumor on its body and it’s very sick. The veterinarian will either be able to prescribe some type of medication that could help eliminate the tumor, or the vet might need to possibly even operate in order to remove the tumor.

Whatever the case may be, the veterinarian will do everything in his or her power to make sure that they try and preserve the health and well-being of your pet as best as possible. Obviously, pets die all the time, but the vet is certainly going to try his or her hardest to make sure that your pet has the best fighting chance at recovering from its illness.

There is obviously the routine checkups that need to be made as well so that your veterinarian can determine if your pet might be suffering from something and you don’t even realize it. It’s very good to have routine checkups for your pets just like you would for yourself every year. So you clearly want to make sure that you have a veterinarian available to you to provide routine checkups whatever the time comes.

Once you find the vet that you plan on using regularly, he or she will send you some type of reminder in the mail which will let you know when you’re pet is due for its yearly checkup. So that is evidently a very good thing to have available to you because it will give you a much better chance to remember that your pet is due for its yearly checkup.

Can You Conclude by Giving a Recap of the Things a Veterinarian Could Do for My Pet?

Yes, a good veterinarian will be able to help your pet in many ways. It can help your pet with its diet if your pet is struggling with some type of a dietary allergy. The veterinarian will be able to help your pet with a very severe case of fleas and ticks. The vet will certainly be able to provide routine checkups when needed, and they will also be able to provide any surgery that’s needed for serious medical conditions.

So keep all of these different options in mind in case you are not sure whether or not your pet needs to go to a veterinarians office. There is a very good chance that bringing your pet to the vet would be the smart idea.