All About Dog Eye Care


Dogs are believed to be among the most intelligent animals. These animals that quickly adapt to training would seem to know what must be done in emergency situations. These smart pets have helped many peoples’ lives. The existence and well-being of these intelligent animals would still be dependent on their owners. Dogs have existed in the wild without a man for thousands of years. Modern day dogs’ well-being largely depend on the care provided by the proprietor including the critical dog eye care.

Owning dogs is an acceptance of taking care of it in all possible ways. A proper attention will only ensure good health to dogs. How well the dog looks and feels would depend on the care provided by the owner. Dog ownership means more that providing the regular pet meals as dogs would need grooming and companionship as well.


The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of a dog. It is, in fact, the pet’s “window to the world.” Apparently, these brilliant animals do not know how to care good care of these delicate organs. Dogs after a prey would go scampering in bushes unmindful of the thorns and branches that can poke the eyes. A dog frantically digging a bone will be unmindful that the eyes can be hit by flying soil and dirt. This is why dog eye care should be part and parcel of the general dog care.

The task of cleaning the pet’s eyes and preventing the development of eye health concerns will be the responsibility of the dog owner. Grooming the eyes is not done only to remove the gunk and the tear stains on the fur but most importantly to ensure that eye concerns will be prevented from occurring. Cleaning of eyes is a crucial task that should be practiced on a daily basis. The first aid kit for dogs must have eye care supplies so that immediate relief can be given to the dog if the eyes are injured. A sterile dog eye care solution and an antibacterial ointment are essential to eye care supplies.

Removal of the gunk found in the dog’s eyes with a moist towel or a baby wipe each morning would not take too much time. Some eye irritations are brought by the dog’s hair that gets into the eyes. Dogs with long hair should be trimmed so that their eyes are not troubled. A simple treatment is one teaspoon of salt with a little water that is filtered should be mixed. A cotton wad should be soaked, and this solution should be put into the eye without touching the eye for comprehensive dog eye care. This type of treatment is a quick treatment. But, the directions should be followed with utmost care.

Inspect the pet’s eyes for swelling redness and excessive tearing. For proper dog eye care, a few drops of the sterile eye wash would flush dirt and foreign objects from the pet’s eyes. An eye irritation will make a dog always paw the reddened and swollen eyes. The swelling, redness and tearing should be gone after a day, but if these symptoms continue, vet consulting would be the best option to arrest the possible development of a severe eye problem.